Grand Opening with amazing announcements

Welcome all Team Seagal afficionados. Now that some annoying login confusion has been cleared up, we are finally able to keep you up to date.

First big announcement to be made is that 3 Team members, Casey Ryback, Gino Felino, and Mason Storm have secured spots for the Ouachita Challenge. The Tour will be held on Saturday, whereas the race will be taking place on Sunday. We will be riding our singlespeeds on Sunday. Being that all 3 of us have superior states of mind, we were some of the first to register upon the opening of registration. Our superior attitudes will carry us through the toughest of technical climbs and the fastest, most eye-watering of descents. Whether or not we will simply break the arms of all that stand before us, or just go all out and snap their necks, has yet to be decided. One thing is for sure, however - many beers and Cherry Charges will be consumed.

Just a few of the events that we plan on annihlating this year: 24 hours of Landahl, 24 hours of Moab, Burnin' @ the Bluff. More to come as they come into our crosshairs.