Cervical Fusion? Sounds like a personal problem...

Greetings to you, the Team Seagal Fan. Now that we've cleared up some technical difficulties here at Team Seagal central, we can bring you some long overdue pictures from the Ouachita Challenge.

After just having ridden the Pain Train:

The Matson Hill Race is coming up soon, we are seeking total domination again. Prepare. More later.



2 old 2 go slow said...

Hey that hotel in Arkansas looks just like the one we stayed in. Oh, but I guess all the hotel rooms in Arkansas look that way - full of bikes, I mean.

Great to hear from you guys again.

Unit said...

Those are some good memories! I enjoyed the race/ride a lot, but the traveling was part of the fun too.

Speaking of traveling...when are you going to be near Jeff City next? We need to ride!