Crankfest update, sucka's

A congratulatory Laurel and Hardy Handshake must be given to Nico Toscani for his wave of destruction that he unleashed upon the Singlespeed Class at The Crankfest Race held down in Cape "Jyrahrdeaux." Despite barely missing the podium with a supreme 4th place, he did still manage to dominate in the same way that I dominate the toilet every morning.

Robert Metz pulled in a badass 5th place in Mens Sport, and Chris Ploch handily handed everyone else their asses. Ostentatiously absent: The Destroyers - we've been trying to come up with ideas as to what they've actually been doing instead of riding and racing their bikes. My guess (or at least my hope): drinking beers. See you dudes at Burnin'. Hope Brian is healed enough by then!

Rest of the results here.

C. Ryback

P.S. Our official song for 24 Hours of Landahl: "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" by Hall and Oates - make sure to listen for it and then mop up your melted face as we come through the finish line.


Brian said...

I destroyed the Moonlight Ramble. Where was your crew?

The Destroyers and Seagal are not necessarily enemies, you know? We're like the Burt Reynolds to your Seagal. The Mr. T to your Wesley Snipes. The Jet Li to your Jackie Chan, if you will.

TeamSeagal said...

oh I know my friend... I know. But it sure makes it for some interesting discourse...

matt h. said...


Jim said...

Nice work Edd. I warned Little Buddy on the way down you were out to well... you know, "dominate" him. See you at Greensfelder. And hopefully the rest too.