The results are in....

Well as you can see Steven was prepared for the Chubb TT, but like most everybody else failed to actually show up. Jason however did show at the picnic table shortly after 5pm as promised a top a 7 plus inch travel downhill shred machine(I must add that dude pushed that bad boy up just about every hill at chubb) We split the races 1 each when on the way to the tie breaking race start our plans were derailed when King Furby washed out on the flint quarry trail resulting in a very Seagal Esq arm injury.....ouch. After some ghetto bandaging of furbys arm Nico and Myself were able to walk Furby back to the cars. All of this got me thinking about actually organizing a TT out at the chubb this fall....All we need are 2 volunteers to have stopwatches/radios at the start/finish. We can run each racer in 1 minute increments, and keep the fields open(except maybe write SS on the # plates just to see where we stand.) Chubb no longer allows races out there, but if we don't collect $, and have no prizes it is no different then getting a bunch out there for a ride. More to come later.
M. Storm

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Anonymous said...

steven seagal is the biggest action hero off the world and i have a lot of respect for him

i don;t think he's gona read this