Chubb Reconnaissance

In preparation for the Chubb Time Trial, Team Seagal sent 3 representatives to scout out the course. This will be a "rippah" of a course for single-speedsters. We even ran into DaveyB towards the end, on his way for an extremely fast "Chubble." We met him right after encountering a very impatient old man on his stupid, smelly bike. ("C'mon!") Here is some blurry photo documentation for your pleasure.

Nico rounds the bend:

Mason with his new suspension Reba 29, on the lower and upper level:

Casey clears a lift on the new connector and then rolls the stairs:

On a separate issue, we have scouted a fallen tree that we think would be nearly perfect for a sweet log-ride. If you are leaving Lone Elk going towards West Tyson, it crosses a dip just before the rock garden on the flats. It doesn't seem as though it would be terribly difficult to prepare it adequately, although the frequent flooding of the flats (and fun-killing trail-nazis) would probably ensure its temporary status.

Tell your friends about the time trial! We're putting flyers in as many shops as we can! If not, ask us.

Here's a joke: You're in a room with a Sierra Club Member, the president of Huffy, and an equestrian. You have a gun with 2 bullets - whom do you shoot?

A: Yourself twice, if possible. There is no hope for a cyclist in this situation - only the sweet release of death.

Sorry, it is probably funnier to me as I write this than it is to you when you read this.

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