Burnin' up at Burnin'

OMG. Unless you were there, you can't imagine the fine line that existed for 12 hours on Saturday, which separated pain from euphoria. Snapped wrist from melted face. Legitimate win from course-cutting shame.

Your favorite local singlespeed-specific mountain biking team, Team Seagal, sent three entries to this, the most glorious of local 12 Hour races: Burnin' at the Bluff! Shop Minister, Mason Storm, and yours truly Casey Ryback made up Team Seagal 1. Nico Toscani, Dr. Wesley McLaren, and (taking part in his first 12 hour race) Lt. Jack Taggert filled out Team Seagal Dos Primos. And finally but certainly not fatally: Gino Felino in the Solo Class, also known as the "Class for the Mentally Unstable." Seriously, riding non-stop for 12 hours by yourself can only be classified as something that only the supremely unstable, or supremely BADASS, would undertake. Holy shit.

We also made sure to take inventory of our campsite's gravel at arrival and departure - we were actually 3 rocks short at our departure, despite Crazy Jim never stopping by.

The weather could not have been more phenomenal, and neither could the competition. Big thanks to ICCC for providing tons of food (who DIDN'T eat tons of spaghetti?!), and big thanks to Mesa Cycles for hosting a badass race. Congrats to Chris, Bob, and Wes for showing everyone how to go faster than everyone else. It's not surprising they accomplished this feat when they are big-ringin' the last fucking hill: (picture courtesy of DRJ Racing)

Take note of where the chain lines up:

Anyway, Team Seagal had a stupid-awesome time meeting new people, and having more fun times with those that are already our friends - if you want to know more, just ask all of us.

The good Doctor was in rare (translation: amazing) form for this weekend:

Ever wonder how to deal with powdered drink mix that has been slightly moisturized? Mason demonstrates proper technique:

There's a story behind this sign found at the DRJ camp:

Mason rounds the first switchback, shooting lasers from his eyes in the process:

Gino at the beginning of his 12 Hour ride on the Pain Train:

Dwayne at the beginning of his 12 Hour ride on the Pain Train to the podium:

Here's the post-race payoff (that's Gino's foot on the right):

Here's the two teams post ride. Gino is mysteriously absent from this picture; we think he was busy slaying the souls of the un-dead, and attempting to grow a pony tail which he can use to kill Jamaican drug cartels:

Nico is taking a hint from Gino's Book of Bike Decals:

Want to know how to eat a brat? Casey shows you how to eat a fucking brat - double-decker, with the top brat having fallen on the ground, without having been cleaned off:

The next morning, we capped off the race weekend with the requisite stop at the one and only:

Finally, on the way home, we managed to snap a picture of the elusive "porn shack" that stands just a few miles outside of Potosi. The sign on the right side informs you that there are, in fact, adult videos for sale inside. Inside this shack, there is only enough room for you, and your boner:

I'm sure that there is much more to come. Stay tuned for time trial info, Spanish Lake info, and Burnin' results.

C. Ryback


Davey B said...

i learned more from reading this post then on any other blog in history! epic awesomeness!

those brats look amazing! look at the added texture from the leafs! perfect!

i hope dino doesn't change his team name next year to 3 more laps than breslin. that would suck.

nice job, glad you guys had fun... when i got off the pain train 8 stops earlier than i should have the PBR taste just as good!

Bob said...

That is some funny ass shit that you captured the porn shack. We see this thing every time heading down there. Yet to have the balls to actually stop on in.

Good job to all you crazy bastards!

aggro said...

good meeting you clowns.

I dont know which member of your ss team rode me off their wheel on my 3rd lap but it well done.

see you next time!

TeamSeagal said...

That would be me....M Storm...aka Matt H.... to quote a good man. You got served. Seriously though great riding/meeting you Aggro!