These apples wouldn't fit in my pocket!

Greetings loyal Team Seagal Fan. Today I just wanted to share with you my joy at finding the largest apples of ALL TIME. Take a look at these things! Dierbergs has these huge honey crisp apples right now - these four apples weighed in at an elephantine 4.5 lbs! That's over a pound an apple! Not only would they not fit in my pocket, but they won't fit in my mouth, I'm sure. I don't know how I'll eat them.

On the far left, I have a golden delicious apple from Eckert's that I picked this year. To the right, I have a normal honey crisp from Dierbergs from last week, which, in and of itself is a large and very satisfying apple. The four apples on the right are, far and away, MUCH larger. They blow all other apples out of the water, and while they are exiting the water, their wrists will be in the process of being snapped by the new mutant honey crisps. Note the bottles in the background for scale.

Thank god for genetic engineering!


cploch said...

you need a fliptop head or use a fork and knife

TeamSeagal said...

yeah, like that little cartoon guy for Reach Toothbrushes years back!

Robert T. Metz said...

NICE APPLES!!!11oneelevenonehundredeleven Thank you for the kind words or encouragement still waiting on the team slot but it should be a long off season so we shall see.

Brian said...

I just read on the GORC board that there is going to be a "Chubb Clubb" ride On Sunday mornings starting at West Tyson. You may want to inform the GORC Dorks of the time trial.

Who knows? Maybe they'll volunteer if you give them each a mega-apple.