This Past Weekend

I must say this has been another badass weekend for Team Seagal with Nico taking home first in single speed at Spanish Lake on saturday in outstanding wrist-snapping style. He was joined on the podium by Brad (have you chosen your name yet?) in third and Dr McClaren in fifth. The competion might as well have been riding this or this.

I personally had a truly epic sunday with a ride of the entire Middlefork section out and back followed by another mind blowing meal at Dos Primos. Too bad no other team members could be there as I forgot to ask around, but we need to make an epic team ozark trail ride sometime.

Also, I finally got around to getting my burning pics off of my camera. Alas, there was only one but it is of Casey Ryback triumphantly rounding the final switchback after a Team Seagal domination of Council Bluff.



Brian said...

Don't "gorgot" about me. I'm always looking to do a little riding. 314-443-5613.

TeamSeagal said...

Thanks for the spell check. Sure you want to put your phone number on here? Lot of weirdos probably reading this blog, looking for trail gravel statistics and the like.