Non Race # 3

What: Team seagal NON race # 3
Where: Lost Valley
When: Saturday Dec 22 @ NOON
Why: If you still don't know.....Well why don't you just show up this time and find out for yourself.
What Else: Please bring at least one can good for entry fee. All can goods will then be donated to a local food pantry for the xmas holiday. Also be sure to bring your bike, your thirst for Nog?, and a device that would allow you to complete the TT course with an object....hint(a camelback should help you out). Stay tuned for more details once we get closer to the date.
M Storm.


TK said...

yeah! let's rock. the non race #3 is on!

drew said...

blast. i wanted to do the next one, damn you work!


Robert T. Metz said...

Everyone keep the spirit of giving alive by donating cream corn

drew said...

canned prunes or ace bandages and splints for all the broken wrists.

Boz said...

dangit, kankles stole my idea. i guess i'll have to bring a can of refried beans.

Shop Minister said...

I've been working on nog tolerance, I hope it comes in handy.

taggart said...

work calls, but not to worry, I will eat White Castle several times Sat. while doing many accellerated test rides to pay homage to the race--hoping the gastric effects will come close to those my fellow soldiers will endure.