Team Seagal CX

Nico looking good in his 1st ever CX race. Finished 16th(On a SS) out of 29 in the c race this past weekend. This was also a Team Seagal 1st, and it is looking like more TS Riders are planning on joining in on the CX action.
M. Storm
PS- Does anyone else think this photo looks like it was done on a set at Sears Portrait Studio?


Robert T. Metz said...

I like the half cocked smile way to go Nico

Anonymous said...

It's a smile that says "Fuck 'em all!"


Anonymous said...

does ts racers mean transsexuals?

TeamSeagal said...

yes. yes it does. anonymous why don't you have a sack and show who you are. btw you are a homo.