Team Seagal Rider Profile # 1

Rider: Mason Storm
Occupation:Fish Monger, and Part-time shop bum at TC.
Bikes:2007 Kona Unit 29 w/ Reba, Thomson, King, PAUL, and Salsa components. 32x19 or 32x20 gearing depending on the ride/race.
Favorite Race: Burnin at the Bluff
Favorite Ride: Night rides, and anytime we roll Chubb.
Pre-race meal: Kashi hot cereals are good, and lots of coffee.
Post race meal: Beer, stouts and ales.
Training tips: Ride a lot, have fun, and don't be GAYZ0RZ!

M. Storm


C. Ryback said...

You see that look? That's a look that says "I look to the future, and it looks bright."

Anonymous said...

Prepare for tropical Storm Mason! Simply amazing, my good man.

-Nico Toscani

Nitzsche said...

All I can say is, "I want to party with you, cowboy."

Bob said...

what is the white space being held for? I can fill it with something if you guys need me to! Just an offer.

TeamSeagal said...

Bring it on! I don't know why the pics do that?