A Personal Look at the Team

Greetings. Today we begin a new series that allows you, the Team Seagal Fan, to get to know the members of this racing powerhouse. This is a glorious moment for you. We're going to take a moment to interview each of the members, and find out what is going on inside their minds this season - their motivations, their inspirations, and their bone-snapping-ations.

First in the spotlight is Casey Ryback. We sat down with Ryback on the Poop Deck of the Battleship Missouri, after he had finished personally preparing Captain Adam's dinner.

TS: "So Casey, tell your fans what kind of training you're going through to prepare for the upcoming racing season."

CR: "You know, I don't need any further training. I'm an Ex-Navy Seal, expert in martial arts, explosives, weapons and tactics, with a Silver Star, Navy Cross, and a Purple Heart with Cluster."

TS: "But don't you think that is a little presumtuous, to race without any actual training? Sounds like you won't be seeing any banks for a while, because without training, you won't be winning any races and therefore won't acquire any winnings."

CR: "How about I take YOU to the bank - the BLOOD bank."

TS: "Hey, what are you do..." *SNAP!* "gaaaarhhhhhe...."

CR (staring at the corpse before him): "Do you like being dead?" (Then slams a Cherry Charge)

Casey Ryback