Thoughts for the upcoming Ouachita Challenge

Greetings to the loyal Team Seagal fans out there. This week many of us have had time to reflect on the upcoming race known as the Ouachita Challenge. As surprising as it may sound, victory is not necessarily guaranteed for our team during this race. 60 miles of singletrack is sure to turn our quads into applesauce, and our minds into pudding. So before the 3 participating members of Team Seagal are pronounced dead, we wanted to make sure that we thanked a few people: Steven Seagal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all those who gave us a good run for our money, only to be crushed. We've come up with a plan though - we've hired some classy broads to meet us at the finishing line, that way we have something extra to motivate us as we're questioning existence 3/4 of the way up the 6+ mile climbs. I've attached a picture of this group of lovely ladies.


(R)Official Rim Wrecker Results

See these links for the results. If only they listed team names on these results! We are really, REALLY wanting to see "Team Seagal" officially recorded down somewhere.

Sport/Expert Overall:


Complete and total domination is the only way to fly - that works for competition, and for malt beverages. Here is a link to the overall class breakdown: http://www.midwestfattireseries.com/Results2007/No_2.html

By the way, we were thinking of adapting a DRJ slogan for our own use: "Every Ride is a Race - to the cooler!" Thoughts?


Early Reaction to Rim Wrecker

Hello again to you, the Team Seagal fan. Without you, we'd just be a bunch of jackasses.

Team Seagal was showing full force for the annual Rim Wrecker Race at Council Bluff. The direction of the race (clockwise) certainly slowed our ascension to glory, in that it is the slower, less-baller direction. The weather was absolutely PERFECT, as were the trail conditions. Kudos to the St. Louis Cycling Club for doing some much needed spring cleaning on this trail in preparation for this race. Thanks are also in order to Mason Storm for providing us all with delicious PBRs for pre- and post-ride libations.

4 official members participated today, as did one unofficial member due to his allegiance to some other team of inferior attitude, and inferior state of mind. Official results are not yet posted. however, once they are posted, we'll be sure to be very quick to inform you of how glorious we did. As for now, rest assured that all others were cowering in the shadow of Team Seagal. We both endured and dished out much pain, a few wrecks, and a lot of carbohydrate consumption. Did I say carbohydrate? I actually meant to say Chinese Herbs. At this rate, our complete and total domination of all that lays before us is simply inevitable. Stay tuned to this site for official Rim Wrecker results, and information regarding the Ouachita Challenge, which you may remember is this coming weekend.

Check out the picture of our supreme campfire, and also note in the second picture how the local mexican restaurant spelled "Busch" as in Busch Beer.


Old News

This is our badass sticker design courtesy of our good friends over at kingshitofuckmountain. Click on the link on your right, they'll hook you up. Note the awesome-ness.


Bikes, lakes, and PAIN

First, we must apologize profusely to those of you who have been waiting eagerly for the next update. Things go slowly at this time of the season, but now that the first race of 2007 is behind us, we "promise" to be more attentive to the needs of you, the Team Seagal fan.

Second order of business: This weekend is looking to be the first big race of the season - the Rim Wrecker, put on by St. Louis Cycling Club at Council Bluff Lake. Mason Storm is hoping to continue his reign of terror over the Singlespeed class, while Casey Ryback and Gino Felino are planning on demoralizing the Endurance class. (That's right, it's 3 hours which should translate into eeking out 3 laps.) We're hoping it will be a good ramp-up to the Ouachita Challenge on the following weekend. One possible problem will be the rain that is showing up for all of this week. Rest assured though, we'll have our chinese herbs out while we're praying to the elders and the rains spirits, asking them to give us a dry race.

In other news, we seem to be attracting other badass people who want to be badass with us. In fact, last weekend's Lost Valley Luau looks to have lasso'd two more like-minded lads into our libation-laden lot; they're likely to lift our already elevated levels of liveliness, likewise we look forward to laughing a lot with them.

More to come after the race.