An actual, comprehensive, useful update. How long of a title can these posts have anyway? I wonder if I could make an entire sub-post in the title f

Greetings to you, the Team Seagal fan. Time for a non-Ouachita-Challenge-related post! This weekened many of our Soldiers will be looking to dominate their respective classes at the State Championship race, held at Matson Hill.

Hopefully one of our d00dz will post a race report. C. Ryback would, but he'll be working his ex-Navy Seal ass off and won't be attending.

The whole team is riding very strong, and getting in plenty of saddle time, (with the exception of His Royal Fatassness, Casey Ryback.) Gino Felino is training for a massive 100 mile race, one that will make the OC look like a fucking ride to the coffee shop. It's been nice knowing him.

In other news, we are finally seeing the benefits of having delicious Pabst as a sponsor! Goodies abounded in our first shipment! Before long, you'll see us sportin' some wearables and sticker and yeah. I just hope we don't spill that delicious beer on our new jerseys! You don't even know.

Quick thoughts on Steven Seagal's movie, The Patriot: His action movie awesomeness reached new heights when he jammed the stem from his broken stem-ware glass into the militia leader's temple. However, this awesomeness was short-lived when, at the end of the movie, the military sprinkled flower petals over the entire quarantined town, in order to cure everyone of a disease. Tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I've turned the comment moderation off so that if someone comments, it should post immediately instead of having that comment wait to be approved. So comment the shit out of this blog, you bums!

More to come.



Cervical Fusion? Sounds like a personal problem...

Greetings to you, the Team Seagal Fan. Now that we've cleared up some technical difficulties here at Team Seagal central, we can bring you some long overdue pictures from the Ouachita Challenge.

After just having ridden the Pain Train:

The Matson Hill Race is coming up soon, we are seeking total domination again. Prepare. More later.