We only THOUGHT we were extreme...

...then we saw these douchebags:

The joke possibilities are endless!

Prepare your mind - FOR A MIND EXPLOSION!

That's right, Team Seagal Fans, Casey Ryback here. Greetings after an undeserved hiatus. We've been busy being amazing, and filling our brains with PBR, and our legs with lactic acid. One such example of this took place on Monday - a day that will live in Infamy.

Some (now old) news to preface this ride report with - Mason Storm has finally completed his new W.B.D. That is, his Weapon of Bone Destruction. The build can be considered "temporary," while he decided how best to bling-ify it.

Monday was a glorious ride of rides. Four great Team Seagal soldiers - Mason Storm, Dr. Wesley McLaren, Nico Toscani, and yours truly, Casey Ryback, set upon the "Mound" parking lot early in the morning, hellbent on destroying that which is known as the "Trifecta." Unfortunately, Nico Toscani was man-down before the ride even really got started. Due to a mechanical problem with his trusty steed, he was unable to ride despite the best efforts of his fellow teammates and one nearby shop proprietor. (Thanks anyway for your help, Katy Trail Bike Rentals in Defiance!) Nevertheless, Dr. McLaren, Mason, and myself had to push forward. Hall and Oates wouldn't give up in a situation like this, and neither would we. Eye of the Tiger!

A quick vein-drain before climbing up Matson Hill Rd. If you've ever thought about launching missiles at wildlife in this area, you better get permission from the State Park Director:

Mason Storm severely pwning the Matson Hill Trail, which we have all decided is a much better trail when ridden counter-clockwise:

After Matson Hill was chewed up and spat out, we steamrolled our way down to Klondike, at which point we were greeted by one of the most inviting sights to any mountain biker:

The closest thing to a "team" photo we have yet (Dr. McLaren appears to be deep in thought):

After refueling with some chinese herbs and sugary drinks from some nearby vending machines, we blazed a path of endless destruction all the way back to Lost Valley, where Dr. Wesley McLaren finally showed his face:

It wasn't long before we self-extracted ourselves from glorious battle in an effort to enact some punishment on some Chipotle burritos and other lunch-esque food.

It was a good day, with the exception of Nico Toscani's seatpost clamp. RIP.

More to come, so prepare.


Must see website

I forgot to put this at the end of yesterdays post, but you MUST check out this guys blog. It is simply awesome. Make sure you are in a place where it is ok to laugh out loud. Nothing like a website discussing the finer points of handlebars such as these:


The wait is over...

Due to popular demand the other recently acquired weapon of destruction for Team Seagal is now being shown to the general public on this blog. The full destructive capabilities are still being fully honed so detail specs will not be provided at this time other than overall weight currently sits at 21.6lbs.

You better be able to pick out the two badass things about this picture:

And finally for those of you unable to attend all of last night's fiasco someone else's "sweet" ride...

...and yes I think it does have a t-top.