Gateway CUP!!!

It is that time again fellas. I don't know about you, but tomorrow night you will find me down in historic Lafayette Square drinking a cooler full of ice cold PBR's watching all the action under the lights....This time I hope I don't crash my bike into a parked car on the way home!!! I am thinking about grabbin some grub from Square One Brewery before the Cat 4/5 race. Anyone interested let me know....Furby just like last year you are welcome to all the free PBR you can get your hands on. See you at the races.

M. Storm


Crankfest update, sucka's

A congratulatory Laurel and Hardy Handshake must be given to Nico Toscani for his wave of destruction that he unleashed upon the Singlespeed Class at The Crankfest Race held down in Cape "Jyrahrdeaux." Despite barely missing the podium with a supreme 4th place, he did still manage to dominate in the same way that I dominate the toilet every morning.

Robert Metz pulled in a badass 5th place in Mens Sport, and Chris Ploch handily handed everyone else their asses. Ostentatiously absent: The Destroyers - we've been trying to come up with ideas as to what they've actually been doing instead of riding and racing their bikes. My guess (or at least my hope): drinking beers. See you dudes at Burnin'. Hope Brian is healed enough by then!

Rest of the results here.

C. Ryback

P.S. Our official song for 24 Hours of Landahl: "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" by Hall and Oates - make sure to listen for it and then mop up your melted face as we come through the finish line.


My Celeb Look-a-Likes!!!

Here are a few people I have been told I look like by others...

First that's yours truly holding a baby king crab in Alaska!

Next up is Jimmy James front man of My Morning Jacket( a totally rad band)

Then we have former relief pitcher for the Dodgers Eric Gagne!
And last but not least.....the drummer from Clutch(I find this one the most insulting!!!thx a lot Shop Minister.)

Do you have any twins out there? I would be surprised to see what other people think you look like.
M. Storm


Get them while they LAST!!!!

Attention loyal teammates. I have looked over the current inventory of our official jersey and looks like we are running low, so now is the time to get that 2nd jersey or perhaps your 1st(I'm looking at you Justin & you Andrew!!!) I have 3Lg's, 3Md's and 2Sml's left. Call me or send message if you are interested. In other news we are signed up and ready for complete domination in this years 24hrs of Landahl. Also stay tuned for the date of our 1st team ride & BBQ at Chubb trail.
M. Storm


66.6666666% Podium Domination

Greetings, loyal Team Seagal fan. Great news awaits you! This past weekends 2 teams of 2 soldiers each entered into an epic battle of our lives at Landahl State Park, in the Rapture in Misery 6/12 Hour race. The competition was fierce. The trail was even more fierce - to our hands, minds, and taints. Mason Storm/Casey Ryback and Nico Toscani/Dr. Wesley McLaren eye-of-the-tiger'ed all that way to 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, in the Duo Open class. Our first official Podium! Now sit back while I tell you a tale.

We all were pulling 2 laps on, 2 laps off in the most humid conditions known to man, in order to make breaks a little more worthwhile. Bratburgers were punished quite handily, and may PBRs were crushed throughout the course of the weekend. I think a further pat on the back is in order to Dr. Wesley McLaren and Nico Toscani for pulling their first night laps in race setting - that is, their first night riding experience ever. The presence of the Destroyers was conspicuously absent... Something that was present though, was an amazing french press that fits nicely into a Nalgene bottle; talk about the best part of waking up.

Mason Storm was found to have done an extreme makeover on his mustache I believe that his Power has increased by an unquantifiable amount. Here he is holding one of the name-tags that Nico Toscani had prepared for each of us!

This is what you would see if we were passing you. Or if you were about to pass one of us. Picture taken at the riders meeting.

If you look closely, you'll see a classic Seagal glower:

In a perfect case of "so weirdly coincidental that I couldn't have ever planned it," a team came and set up camp RIGHT NEXT TO US with an oddly similar theme. It was their first race ever. Can you believe this?

Here's the money shot!

The last few are courtesy of DRJ:

Congrats to Chris, Bob and Wes for putting in a battle of epic proportions, and pulling out the win in 3 Man Superfast in most dramatic form! Welcome back, Ploch!

Many other stories are to be told - just ask us! Tons of fun, and now are even more excited for the 24 Hours of Landahl and the Burnin' at the Bluff - both of which we all hope will increase exponentially in size this year! Get some towels ready to mop up your soon-to-be-melted face!

-C. Ryback


Tonight - We Dine in HELL! I mean, Kansas City.

This weekend, many of our soldiers will descend upon Landahl State Park for the Rapture in Misery. It will be a glorious venue with which to showcase our decimation abilities. Nico Toscani, Dr. Wesley McClaren, Mason Storm and myself - Casey Ryback, will be entering in 2 man Duo teams for the 12 hour competition. Fortunately for us, we have Jesus on our side - in Seagal Form!

That, and plenty of chinese herbs and PBR. Stay tuned to this station for a full race report.

C. Ryback


The results are in....

Well as you can see Steven was prepared for the Chubb TT, but like most everybody else failed to actually show up. Jason however did show at the picnic table shortly after 5pm as promised a top a 7 plus inch travel downhill shred machine(I must add that dude pushed that bad boy up just about every hill at chubb) We split the races 1 each when on the way to the tie breaking race start our plans were derailed when King Furby washed out on the flint quarry trail resulting in a very Seagal Esq arm injury.....ouch. After some ghetto bandaging of furbys arm Nico and Myself were able to walk Furby back to the cars. All of this got me thinking about actually organizing a TT out at the chubb this fall....All we need are 2 volunteers to have stopwatches/radios at the start/finish. We can run each racer in 1 minute increments, and keep the fields open(except maybe write SS on the # plates just to see where we stand.) Chubb no longer allows races out there, but if we don't collect $, and have no prizes it is no different then getting a bunch out there for a ride. More to come later.
M. Storm


The Showdown

Why is Steven praying you ask? Well if you don't already know yours truly(M. Storm)has accepted the challenge of racing some extreme fully suspended rider to a battle royale at Chubb Trail this Monday Aug 13 @ 5pm. The idea is to set up a time trial on a specific section of the trail and see who can finish the distance the quickest. All are welcome to come ride with me to victory, and it is looking like an open race to anyone who would like to test there luck at one of missouri's finest biking trails. What started out as a semi serious discussion on stlbiking's message board has exploded into something no amount of chinese herbs could quite. I expect to see the usual suspects there, and I will have cold refreshments for the after ride party(victory party that is)


Quick Updates

M. Storm here....We have a race coming up and we need to make sure we get the teams formed. The rapture has 2 man 6hr teams and 3 man 12hr teams. I have only had 1 definite anwser from Nico. Casey and Gino are still on the fence, and the Dr. sounds like he is interested. Let's get this shit figured out by next Friday(Aug 10). Also we need to register/pay for 24hrs of Landahl soon. Stay tuned for more info later. If you are off this Monday we will be hitting up Council Bluff, and then on Tuesday we will be doing the Double Chubb.