A Challenge for YOU

Greetings to you, the loyal Team Seagal fan. Casey here. I have an assignment for you. That is, come up with an acronym for the word "SEAGAL." Some ideas already postulated:

Singlespeed Extreme All-terrain Guys At Large

Singlespeed Enthusiast And Gearless Angry Losers

Stupidly Entertaining And un-Gayzorz Armed Legions

Pretty bad, I know. You can cum up with a better one, I'm sure. Use your badass melon on top of your shoulders and pinch off a loaf of acronym for the rest of us to read! The best one gets a prize. No really! If you come up with a weak answer, you may get kicked by someone wearing these pants:

However, it probably won't be Chuck Norris wearing them. His kicks don't scare us like a multiple-broken-bone injury inflicted by Steven Seagal does.

This is, of course, so that if Mr. Seagal does happen to catch wind of our awesome Team, we can say "No, we're not using your name, we're using an acronym that coincidentally matches up with your name. Geez."

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