Morning Wood

So I set the alarm nice an early to wake up today to get out and ride the snow at Castlewood before going into work at 10am. Woke up to the sound of Ice, Ice Baby on the clock radio. Did somebody call that in for me remind me why I was waking up so damn early. The alarm went off right before the beginning of the song. I can honestly say I remember way too many of the lyrics. After some bike technical issues and a slow drive out there I got to the gate right as Rich Love was getting ready to open it after plowing the front of the park. Not another soul there at first. Saw two jeeps drive in and then drive out while I was there. Rode up the Love trail, with some walking when the front end washed, and a nice steady descent down the grotpeter (pedaling) and then on into the river flats. 1 hour. Awesome. 2 snowstorms this winter and two snow rides. Double awesome.
This was probably the final ride for the old ebay find frame for a while. It served its purpose for a week or two. The new Lynskey has arrived.

For your viewing pleasure:

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Sandbox said...

This snow ride on Friday... grinding through some sloppy gravel on Monday... Pabst is officially a team sponsor for 08... Way too much good stuff happening for February in St. Louis.