Fellet Done it Right & Geared Road 100

Fellet Brazing's Chris Fellet (Shop Gnome) has developed a custom brew that is likely to become a new standard with the good folk of Team Seagal, and then the rest of the world. Crafted from double-butted Dedacciai chromoly, Fellet makes a wonderfully compliant steel frame, but with super efficient energy transmission when you want to hammer.

The newest Fellet Brazed production: Shop Minister's Royal Blue Road Deluxe:

Pros: Lightweight, Fast, Sturdy, Fast-Back Seat Stays
Best Uses: Serious Racing or Training, Sprinting, Climbing, Rain
Bottom Line: "Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. It is laterally stiff yet vertically compliant" - Shop Minister.

It was time to put the new frame through a real world test, Shop Gnome and Shop Minister picked me up at 10:45am- both on new frames from Fellet Brazing . Shop Gnome is a grinch and personally prefers lugged construction and classic Campy 8 speed drivetrain to all modern componetry.

We took off east through Forest Park, encountered a bit of the CWE, took a right on Compton then a left on Choteau and then north on the MRT. We rode to Alton and then turned around. On the way back, approx 4 miles south of the Chain of Rocks Bridge (safely within the Missouri Border) we ran into the only person we saw the whole time while on the MRT...

That's right, it was Wes McLaren, MD. He was standing off of the paved trail by about five feet in the grass with a funny look on his face, sporting the '07 team jersey and fingerless gloves. It was great to see the Dr., but why was he so under-dressed and waiting for us in that Field?

We continued on the course towards home, stopping only in Forest Park for urinary purposes. The odometer said 71 miles, I parted ways with Shop Gnome and Shop Minister and reunited with The Doctor. Wesley and I retreated to his office for Chinese Herbs and a beer (read: O'Fallon 5-Day IPA). I visited for close to an hour, but there was still a bit of work left to do. I pedaled off towards 100 without any set route at a very leisurely pace. I let my mind drift and went for a tour of downtown Clayton, Maplewood, University City, Olivette and more. It was relaxing and I achieved almost all of the the necessary mileage. The final push came complete with a special treat at the end - I wound up at the home of Mason Storm. I was fed Seafood Gumbo, rice, coffee stout, 24oz PBRs and an ice cream Drumstick for desert. After dinner we shot each other up pretty good playing 007 James Bond Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.

This last shot is from Forest Park looking down a major street during Tuesdays' occurrence of thunder-snow; it was like being in a totally different world!

I hope to see you all again real soon.

-Nico Toscani


Marc said...

I'm still a little confused on what the good Doctor was doing off the trail facing the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

fellet looks as retarded as biker fox