It's rad and it involves a ball

That's right I'm talking 'bout Radball. It's the two on two fixed gear soccer match that has taken the world by storm...or a least small parts of Germany. There are no words that describe Radball that give this art justice so check it out.


So STL clearly needs a Radball league. We'll call it "No Dice" (think Charles Bronson) because the only thing harder than acquiring the bike skills for Radball is single-handedly taking down a hardcore street gang dressed like extras from Mad Max. Thankfully these German kids made a video on how to train for Radball. Seriously, these kids are ridiculous!


-Shop Minister


Brian said...

I'm the one who voted for myself as fast (just to clear any confusion up).

TeamSeagal said...

Looks like someone agrees, as there's two fast votes! I wish I were fast... Whaddya think, a Crazy Jim Hatch poll next?

btw, Brian, get yo'self a singlespeed for these races that we know you want to do this year.

-C. Ryback