Steven Seagal makes appearance in The Onion Movie

Watch this movie trailer from satire news organization, The Onion - it will blow your F***ing mind:


Big thanks to Chris Nitzsche (now known as "Cockpuncher") for exposing us to it!

In other news, it looks like there will be a small army of Seagal Soldiers venturing down to St. Joe's State Park near Farmington, since the first Heartland Race was cancelled. 5 d00dz - Shop Minister, Mason Storm, Dr. Wesley McLaren, Nico Toscani, and myself, Casey Ryback. The weird thing though, is that we've decided that we have a better chance of winning if we all ride the same bike:

Marshall Lawson will also be there, but under the guise of another, more well-funded organization. Results and photos will be soon to follow - don't touch that f***ing dial!

-C. Ryback

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Oy Velo said...

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