New Team Kits are here!

This just in - Team Kits, and they look even better than we expected! Newly received from Borah, get your order asap - just in time for both Syllamo's Revenge and the May 10th NORBA race at Castlewood! (Both of which we'll have many soldiers on the starting line.)

I can say that from my 3.5 hour test ride, they are going to coddle our t'aints quite well.

In other news, Non-Race #3 scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at Matson Hill has been postponed. Matson isn't known to be a great wet-weather location, and there has been a lot of rain this past week, AND the weather is calling for even more rain during the day on Sunday. We've already had enough slop rides/races this year (St. Joe, Lost Valley, Rim Wrecker, Ouachita Challenge) and we're not anxious for another.

Stay Tuned.

-C. Ryback


Anonymous said...

This is a better team kit http://stlouis.craigslist.org/cas/655910953.html

Mason Storm said...

I think I just found the next NON-Race spoke card!

Team Trail Monster said...

Well since I dont read blogs on the weekend..Team Trail Monster participated in a non-race. We did ride Matson, sweet conditions until it rained...then just a tad tacky getting out of there.
Got my almost brand new Queen of Clubs spoke card from the parking lot at Klondike. Since there was no PBR on hand we had.....Tannauser from Augusta Brewing.

Mason Storm said...

Sorry we missed you two. Hopefully we can meet you both at the re-scheduled race later next month. I am glad to hear that the trail held up and you were able to ride that day. See you on the trails.
Matt Hoffmeyer

nitzsche said...

I am glad your stairs to the basement are carpeted. That's all I have to say about that.