Another Syllamo's moment captured in time

Thanks to Lil Buddy, we are reminded of facial-hair-times past. Our heroes, Gino, Nico and Mason, carbo-load during their pre-ride of this year's Syllamo's Revenge.

On an unrelated note, I'm very glad that no one has voted for Jean Claude van Damme. I mean seriously, look at what part he played in the 1984 flick "Monaco Forever."

-C. Ryback


Anonymous said...

Also known as ..."The Muscles from Brussels". Not a man to be dissed.



Chris Wurster said...

Well done but I am a bit disappointed that the bottle cages are void of back up PBRs

Casey Ryback said...

Whose to say those aren't the back up PBRs in their hands, having already gone through their first-round PBRs?

Sandbox aka Gino said...

I can't remember which PBRs those are, pre or post, but I will say the team jersey perfectly held a PBR for the duration of the preride. And I managed to cram five into it with a little room to spare for after Truman's.

Anonymous said...

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