The Greatest Fight Scene Ever Filmed

So you think Steven Seagal has amazing fight scenes? Hold your applause until the end:

-C. Ryback


Mason Storm said...

What just happened!

Heaumer001 said...

Ahh! Eahh! Haeahh! Aaheah! Aaaa!

Even the bad 70s music didn't make it less awesome!

Marc said...

In the first part, before the weird chick shows up, the two dudes fight like in the 90's hit arcade game Pit Fighter.
I also like how the grunting didn't get any louder even though a hook went through his eye!

Chris Wurster said...

Any truth to the rumor that the chick was wearing the sling due to a good wrist snapping from Gino and Nico at the Mohichan?

FelletBrazing said...

This totally reminds me of the old nintendo game "Bad Dudes." Punch, punch, kick, punch, with grunts galore.

But then at the end, that dude seems like he's doing a Kip (from Napoleon Dynamite) impersonation when -with lisp in full force- he says "Yea, theee Ya"

Justin Bruss said...

Was that real?
What's up ya'll? This is a shout out from Team Seagal west coast chapter. How do I get my fraking team kit?