The Greatest Band EVER - And I'm 100% Serious

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fan! In the past, we have exposed you to many great things, such as the finer points in energy drinks, wild tales of our racing exploits, Pabst Beer, and even brought you some good times in the form of our Non-Races. In this great tradition, and in our great tradition of loving badass 80's and 90's action stars, I now bring you a band that is sure to be ruling the entire world before long.

Austrian Death Machine, inspired by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his many badass one-liners from most of his films! Prepare to have your ears bleed as you have multiple orgasms.

A few of my favorite videos:

The riff and corresponding video at 2:25 is especially good in this one:

1:33 in this song, the guitars and drums sync up super well with the machine gun fire:

Yes, they are legit, with an actual album, and they are now my religion. I am considering quitting my job in order to erect a golden shrine in honor of them, and then spend the rest of my life following them as a devout roadie.

Watch them all, and thank me later.

-C. Ryback


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thanks


Anonymous said...

you may like this. the song is rad and the video is totally bitch.



Mason Storm said...

The last song with the Predator video is the GREATEST thing I have ever witnessed in all of my 27 years of life!