Tall Oak Challenge This Weekend!

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fan! Great news awaits you. Well, actually, great news awaits us. That is, many of us are heading to Jefforson City for the weekend in order to inflict more pain into our t'aints and wrists for the:
As if our t'aints and wrists haven't already endured enough punishment this season. The good folk(s) at Red Wheel Bike Shop are reported to have a kick-ass event planned, and all trail-condition reports have been glowing. Regardless of our results (which should be along the lines of a 100% Team Seagal Tie-For-First-Place ), one thing is for sure - we will be issuing the following threat advisory for all nearby restaurants after the race:

-C. Ryback

p.s. Don't forget - this tuesday on FX, The Shield season premier for its gloriopus final season will be airing! Many minds will be blown, as we find out what is in store for Vic and the remnants of the Strike Team. RIP Lem.

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