Bruising at the Blue Mounds

Hello all, Shop Minister here and I hate to bump the cx post so soon, but if I don't report this now, I likely never will. As many of you know I am now in the great white north, nestled in Milwaukee--the birth place of Team Seagal's sport drink of choice, PBR. I am starting a new job and trying to get my bearings on the bike scene in the area. So, what better thing to do than partake in one of the many mtb endurance events that take place in WI? As I am yet to actually connect with anyone to ride with, I decided to drive the two hours to the Blue Mounds outside of Madison by myself. Which is why there are no pictures in today's post.

First the obligatory excuses: I haven't been able to really ride in about 5 weeks, I've had a cold for a week now, and probably my largest limiter of all, I am weak sauce. My weak sauceness is what lead me to ride the 3 hour event instead of the 6 and frankly the 12 was right out. Anywho, it's business time, err, I mean it is time to get down to business.

After I registered I ended up talking to Randy, who was running support for the Ellesworth 12 hour rider, and he described the course to me. In short he tells my that it is like Landahl but more technical. He wasn't kidding. The Blue Mound trails are like Landahl on crack. Picture the strip mine at Klondike but going up and downhill. It is a true pinch flat paradise yet it was so much fun.

My race report is lacking because, well, I wasn't really racing. I was just happy to ride. I believe I was in a group of 4 chasing the top 3 for the first lap. I amazingly only ate rocks once. But of course I ate it on the exact same spot the second lap. (Here is where I could insert a picture but it would be a little too racy, even by Coach Ryback's standards.) I ended up sending my steer tube so far into my abdomen right above my danger-zone, that I almost quit and I think I may have broken my computer by the sheer force. The bruising is impressive.

Lap three I caught a pinch flat on my rear. As I was trying to put the wheel back into the dropouts it kept getting hung up. Eventually, I got it back in and once again I was off. The only problem is, apparently I jimmied out the brake pads. So I was rear breakless for three miles of one the most technical trails I have ever ridden. Fun! Actually it still was, but it marked the end of the race for me and I didn't head out for a fourth lap.

So that is my report, weak like my sauce, but still a race report. This is a trail system for y'all to mark down. There is easily a days worth of line picking, boulder climbing enjoyment, that is well worth the drive.


Casey Ryback said...

oh man, that makes me want to ride some more. Glad you made the solo trip! Checkin' out any local shops?
Sounds like a badass experience!

Chris Wurster said...

Shop Minister - best of luck in the great white north looks like you'll be needing that Surley Pugsley with the extra fat tires for the winter months.
Team Seagal seems to be opening syndicates around the country these days......next comes globalization!

Robert T. Metz said...

Good to hear from/about you up there in WI. Crank Daddys rocks but i am sure you found that one 30min into your first visit. Here is a tip dont ask them for a job just show up all the time and help random people till they start paying you (its like squating but with a job not a building.) Speaking of squating i just took a huge one. Pe@ce

Marc said...

Crank Daddy's is cool. I also like Corey the Bike Fixer, it is a smaller place but has a good feel. The guys at Wheel and Sprocket have been cool too.

FelletBrazing said...

Sounds awesome man! Hope the bruise won't keep you from performing with the alter boys... wait, you're not Catholic. Keep up the riding while there's not snow on the ground.