A Few More Burnin' Photos

Courtesy of Mrs. Ryback:

The Doctor:

Puncher of Cocks:

This one too, of Thrasher, post final-lap:

Marshall would appreciate this one, I think ("Hey Ma, can I dun put out duh' fire?"):

In other news, go listen to the band "Turbonegro." They are super badass, like on par with Austrian Death Machine.

Now as part of our new mountain bike coaching business, we will start with some coaching advice for any and all people planning on participating in the Berryman Trail Epic race this weekend. That is, you want to consumer plenty of this prior to the race:

She-Asses are renowned for their carbohydrate and electrolyte content.

That'll be $115 please...

-C. Ryback


Marc said...

Turbonegro is an awesorme band, that is until you read band profiles and see stage photos. It's a bit "welcome to the navy", or these days probably more "welcome to prison." Robort might like them.
Sweden has is to rock what Jamaica is to reggae.

Robert T. Metz said...

I'M NOT GAY!! AND where was teh sweet pic of me throwing up the goat!

Doctor said...

Austrian Death Machine is totally Brutal, like getting punched in the cock brutal. Do you mean welcome to the navy in a YMCA kind of way. I think Robort likes swedish dudes too, but I could be wrong. I've got to say, I am really really photogenic.

Doctor said...

I was wrong about the Swedish dudes, apparently he's on to goats now. maybe I should shave.

Casey Ryback said...

You guys are so gay for each other.

C. Ryback

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Turbonegro?

They've got a bit of a 20th century thing going on.

I might need some Cephalic Carnage to clear my mind.