Kansas City CX Nationals Course Preview, and CCL Photos

I'm just full of surprises these days. Look what I unearthed - a Youtube video taken from one of the KC Boss Cross Series, and apparently this is supposed to be the Nat's course. Steve Tilford sez it should be a "fitness course" with lots of climbing and open descents. Let's hope there's a shitload of mud and/or snow come game day!

Somes great shots taken from the past weekend, all courtesy of Mike Dawson:

Pfood and Gino snapping the Green Monster's wrist:

I had just come from a job interview straight to the race:

Col. Cockpuncher finds happiness in the sandpit:

If only you could see the xmas lights more brightly:

Santa Boz gave up his 8 tiny reindeer, as they were slowing him down:

The badass announcer man - saweet bathrobe!

The course was dry, but that didn't stop Nico's tighty-whiteys from getting muddy anyway:
Pfood looking mega pro:

Santa in his free time:

Snapping the wrists of all those Shark riders:

- C.F. Ryback

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