One This Is For Sure About These Queeny Cyclecross Racers...

They is hungry fo' dollars!

And they wants teh beers!

Nico is all smiles, as usual:

Matt, being the true Belgian that he is, ran across the line after being one of the many dudes to wreck on the treacherous ground:

More photos to comes; I only took pictures of the B and A race, and these are just a handful of the highlights. More here in my album:
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by mattgrothoff

There is PLENTY of CX left this season:

-Herman Bubba/MO Champs double-header next weekend
-CX Nationals the weekend after that
-CXmas the weekend after that
-Cross-Ocalypse after New Years

Holy Fucking Shit! You gotta be a part of it!

-C.F. Ryback

1 comment:

Matt said...

I eat shit like that on my Belgian waffles for breakfast.

(An aside: I don't eat poo)