CXMAS Results!

First off thanks to everyone who made this event happen, the racers, my teammates, dave and company with PBR, the Hub, other volunteers, those that came after the race was over to drink free beer...

Here are the results, as best as my cold hands could record them:
  1. Nick Bennett, huffy toss-off champion
  2. Devin Clark
  3. The Doctor
  4. Mitch Johnson
  5. Ryan Heine
  6. Rock Wamsley
  7. Anthony Dust
  8. Nico Toscani
  9. Greg Ott
  10. Bryan Adams
  11. Scott Melies
  12. Rich Pierce
  13. Mark Rothstein
  14. Michael Rawitscher
  15. Chris Saxton
  16. Andy Berger
  17. Pete Goode
  18. Bob Jenkins
  19. Stephanie McCreary
  20. Nick Smith
  21. Chris Bopp
  22. Greg B., winner of "Superior Attitude, Superior State of Mind" Award
Victims of the cold ass feet affliction:
  • Jim Davis
  • Wendy Davis
  • John Farinella
  • Scott Nelson
  • Matt Schweiker
Let me know of any misspellings or if you know you finished in front of so and so. I didn't have the best finish laid out, and missed a couple while trying to get the fire going, prizes out, etc. You all need me to get that right so you've got bragging rights that last until next CXMAS.

There are many more detailed posts soon to come, upon full thawing of participants' fingers.

1 comment:

rich pierce said...

I vow to never ride that far on flat pedals with snowboots again. At least until next year!