Poo-Brown: The Biggest Little Unit Ever

Good morrow good friend and loyal fan of Team Seagal. If you know anything about anything then you know we love the hell out of Kona bicycles. It became too much for me, Nico Toscani, to handle watching a 26" wheeled Poo-Brown 2006 Kona Unit just wallow around the TC-MAN with nobody paying it any attention. One day a few months back I got a crazy idea (after lurking and reading through the various threads in this forum over at mtbr.com) and I formulated a plan to take the beautiful Deddaccai steel bicycle into my possession.

I invested in this bike's future- it really needed a head start in order to compete with all the other Unit's. My Unit received a new set of medium-sized wheels. Take a look, everything fits very nicely into the frame with zero modification. The tires are made by Panaracer and designed by this guy. I am running the 2.3 Neo-Moto tire in the front and the 2.1 Quasi-Moto tire in the rear. The wheelset was expertly produced by Wes McLaren, M.D. using Velocity Blunt rims, Sapim Race Spokes and XTR center-lock disc hubs.

The bike climbs so well, it has to be because of the insane-short 16.5" chainstays. I also really feel that the wheels and tires deliver just as much great traction as my 29er.

My next thoughts for the bike are some pretty cool ones. As it stands now with pedals and cages the bike weighs in at 23 lbs even. I am currently running the stock Kona Project 2 steel fork, axle to crown length is 410mm. The 480 gram Ritchey / Trigon carbon fork has the same dimensions! It is full carbon including steerer, dropouts, and disc mounts - amazing. An equally amazing upgrade might be a set of race wheels built up on Stan's 380 gram ZTR Rims. Awww man, I think I would really like that. In fact, Energor would be quite proud of me. On the other hand, Mrs. Toscani might be liable to hold a 29er auction to fund all of this...

So far the bike has been shown the trails at Council Bluff, Greensfelder, and of course several laps at Chubb. Let me assure you, all is well. Thank you for your time, I hope to see you all on some firm off-road surfaces very soon. Lets hope that the only poo-brown we see will be under my legs and not splatered all over the trail!

-Nico Toscani


Mason Storm said...

Unit Jr. is really a sweet lookin machine! I am very pleased with your most recent fork purchase and look forward to seeing that bad boy in action.
Good Job!

Casey Ryback said...

That bike isn't big, isn't small. It truly defines the term "medium" both in frame dimensions and wheel size. Next you should install 185mm brake rotors, so they would be between the 160mm and 203mm sizes. Then get an adjustable stem and set it smack dab in the center, with bar-ends that are mid-length.

Dateline - Sunday, 1/11/09 - Big awesorme road ride, starting at the TC MAN at maybe 10? Prepare to climb, biatches!

TK said...

yes! a 650b wheel conversion on a 26'er! i've been reading that stuff, too. not a bad way to go. great job!


Chris Wurster said...

Nico, your unit is rather stunning - I am left speechless.

El Cavano said...

What gearing are you using on that rig? Are you able to make all the climbs on the Chubb?


Nico Toscani said...

LC - I am running 34x19, same as on the 29er. I can clear everything but the stairs when riding the "normal" loop, Lone Elk to West Tyson, left at the shelter and down the connector, up flint quarry and right at the picnic table back to Lone Elk. Hope to see you out there sometime soon.


El Cavano said...

Man, that is some serious strength.

Just pulled the trigger on a new Unit 29'er. Should be arriving very soon.

It's clear to me now that this is the true path to greatness.


Mason Storm said...

"Just pulled the trigger on a new Unit 29'er. Should be arriving very soon."

Great Job LC! That bike is gonna be SICK! BTW it is painted in the Team Seagal colors.....hint!hint!

El Cavano said...

You mean green and yellow? (har har)


Casey Ryback said...





cockpuncher said...

I was tc-man on saturday & saw this creation. I was quite impressed. Job well done.


You are officially on my shit list! You didn't even ride my ferrous!! I keed..I keed. The big unit is the tits. Enjoy.

Sidney, NE is officially hell on earth in January...frozen hell on earth.


El Cavano said...

My good friends at the Hub really took care of me on this one, so I decided to go brand new.

By the way, my Unit is not a Big Unit.


Doctor said...

If your unit isn't big, you shouldn't put pictures of it on the internet. Nico scraped by on that rule with his medium unit, but if you have a small one people will laugh. Nice job Nico.
Your gonna love your bike LC, and it truly is the path to greatness, just look at Nico's mustache, totally unit inspired.

Dan said...

the color suits well. are you diggin the 34x19? i'm building up a salsa ss and i think i'll try 32:16 for a while...ok, back to the library

Zak said...

I like it

magi said...

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