Party at Penrose

Greetings loyal team seagal fan. Yesterday yours truly (M. Storm) and my younger brother (F. Taft) after work we decided to go for a friendly fixed gear ride through the no so often visited North Side. We left team seagal headquarters around 1pm and headed North via Skinker Ave. We took this all the way to Natural Bridge where we turned right and headed east towards Kingshighway! I can honestly say that every time (which is a lot!) I ride that stretch I have never seen another soul on any type of bicycle with the exception of an FBC once took this very route on a ride last year. It is like this forgotten part of our city, and by the looks of all of its surrounding landscape it is not doing so hot. This brings me to the title of the post. Through all the darkness you must pedal your bike through Penrose is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I recently purchased another fixie, but this time it's a serious race machine (2009 Fuji Track Comp). I plan to race the entire MO State Track series. Let the training begin! One thing is for sure. I am going to get served at the races, but hopefully it helps me build some explosive power for 2009 CX! If you happen to be out at the track this summer look for a Kona/Pabst tent if you want to grab some**free** cold ones! We are bringing the party this year to Penrose....Seagal style. Here are a few clips of Forrest and Myself each riding some hot laps.

F. Taft's Times:
Lap 1 00.33.18
Lap 2 00.28.93
Lap 3 00.29.64

M. Storm's times:
Lap 1 00.30.68
Lap 2 00.30.81
Lap 3 00.30.38


El Cavano said...

This is very big news.


CockPuncher said...

So can I race the Casseroll on the track? It's all set up fixie now thanks to Jack Taggert.

DA9DR's Amazing Blog said...

I have to say that even with dial up internet (yes you read that correctly) those videos looked smokin fast.

Puncher, you can do what ever you want. If they try and stop you, break their elbow over your shoulder. That usually works for me.