Yes, Another Middlefork!

Greetings, Jerk. I tell you what, we have really lucked out so far this season. The deep cold has gone away, and the rain has yet to make a season out of stuff. So what do we do when life hands us lemonade? We drink that delicious lemonade, then turn it into jenkem and go Zambian-Street-Children style on it.

Thursday was upon us, and you know what Thursday means. Oh yes, Thursday is another glorious day that Energor has bestowed upon us with which we are to ride into glorious victory. So yours truly (Casey Ryback), Tropical Storm Mason, and Nico Toscani
(Nico also seen here) ventured down to do a Middlefork-to-Strother Creek-to-gravel-road-bailout.

A nice 32+ mile route that takes us down what we all agree to be a series of THE best downhills in Missouri. To give you an idea, the first descent from the gravel lot (DD/32) down to the first major bottoming out at a road/creek takes 15 minutes, with only about 2 or 3 of that involving any kind of climbing. It is literally over 11 minutes of descending. Where else can you find that around here? That's what I thought. As I stressed last week, this trail has the most fun descents in MO. The fastest, and most "carve-tastic." That's right.

We met and headed down 21, only to make two stops that were filled with pee and poo shivers. Before we knew it, we arrived at the parking lot, only to find this interesting bit of.... well... you make your own assumptions because I'm not commenting. Just know that I didn't do anything to her, and I didn't touch the clothing - it was like that when we got there:

From the trail:

Took this one while pedaling uphill:



Casey Ryback:

The best:

These two tornado-ravaged buildings have been a pile of fucking rubble since '04:
What an amazing rocking chair:

Now onto more serious business. We have a homework assignment for you - you being the awesome rider who makes fairly regular trips down to the Potosi area to ride Council Bluff, Trace Creek, Middlefork, or whatever. If you drive down 21, you know all of these landmarks. So we propose a challenge: Take a photo involving you and the following landmarks (as many as you can) that you'll see on the way down 21 to the Potosi area:

-The Porn Shed (Bonus points for being *in* the Porn Shed)
-The big rocking chair
-ordering food or a beer in Steve's Place
-ordering food or a beer in Rick's Place (technically on DD)
-the "boob" buildings (technically on C)
-next to some kind of "murder house"
-the pink elephant
-the "sea of dead cars"
-with one of the following - Ford Festiva, Subaru Justy, Geo Metro, or Mazda 323. A Yugo, if you can find one.
-with as many decorative wagon wheels as possible
-the Petroglyphs (hint: in a State Park)
-getting some "Chester Fried Chicken" in the BP at 21 and 8
-if stopping at a gas station, get a photo of one or two parents getting into their vehicle, while smoking, with their infant child in the seat (windows up)
-in "Off The Hook"

Please be careful when stopping on Hwy 21, otherwise known as "Blood Alley." If successful, a prize for you.

In the meantime, do less political arguing and more riding. First local XC race of the year is upon us - Lost Valley is this weekend! Come to the Pabst Tent for some free brews! Seriously, brah!

-Casey F. Ryback


Mason Storm said...

Best 32 mi of trail in MO!!! I am off next Wed 3/25..who wants to do that shit again!?!

Doctor said...

You jerks!!! How could you leave your Doctor at work on such a glorious day?
Is it because I am left handed?

Huff Jenkem everyday!!!

Click on Doctor to see the most amazing video evar.

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal Inglês

Casey Ryback said...

Does this mean that we have fans in Portugal? Sweet Jesus!

My scraht is feelin' crunchy...

Sandbox/Gino said...

So did you get a new bike Coach? Been moonlighting at UPS?
Read this

Doctor said...

Coach did it!!! Coach totally took that thing and is sitting in his bedroom polishing it right now. This is why he was all fired up about the idea of diamond bearings. He was also talking about getting gold teeth with Casey in diamonds on the top row and Ryback on the bottom. He totally did it.

Casey Ryback said...

I mean, can you imagine the street value of that bike? I would carry a small mirror on my handlebar in order to do rails, then when I inevitably become addicted and run out of money, I could melt the bike down to sell to cash4gold.com for cash with which to purchase more blow. I can see it now.

1x1head said...

greetings seagals, You are correct in your statement, Middle fork is fucking gonzo balls-out nutzo freaky deaky hands down the best trail in Mo. Now, keep it on the DL...

Kyle Shour said...

The baby clothes at the DD trailhead were put up 3/15 by John Harter, Doug Long, and I. I am glad someone took a creepy notice.

Also, pardon the extremely late response...

Harter, Faster said...

And I even colored in little red eyes on the little rock head when I placed her on the stump.....I will expect a PBR in exchange for posting my art work on the Intard-NET, see ya at Ouachita. I'll be the one in the kilt!