Robort Eats Dark MEat (during a Vampire Century)

First of all, do what Coarch says and show up this Friday 4/24 for the Double Middlefork Fantasy Ride of both Hope and Despair where you may need to change your socks* All you need to do is bring your Superior Attitude and State of Mind (and your hill-going bicycle) to the intersection of DD and 32 by 8:59am on Friday, cause the ride leaves at 9:00am with or without you.

Back to the lecture at hand,

Tuesday 4/22/09: 10:13am...By this time, four hardened soldiers have all punched in at their respective day jobs, fooling the general public into believing they possess only "standard" attitudes and states' of mind.

Tuesday 4/22/09: 7:51pm...Evidence of the sun's existence is vanishing. Your four heroes have completed a long day filling employment obligations yet are unable to relax and un-wind. That's right, an aire of exciting anticipation has swept over the four handsome soldiers, they try to sit still but are feeling kind of antsy.

Tuesday 4/22/09: 11:24pm...The past 3 hours have taken their sweet-ass time to tick past. I stand alone outside Dr. Gosciniski's Office and am quite happy with the beam my light my projects in front of me. The Dr's figure appears in the doorway, I am immediately pleased to notice his beautiful Ouachita Mullet is still intact. I ponder to myself in the moonlight, will Dr's demeanor throughout the ride be more "business" or more "party?" Either way his head is dressed for success.

Wednesday 4/23/09: 12:08am...Four soldiers have united in the darkness at Tropical Mullet Midget Mason Storm's house in South City. We are certainly a dangerous crowd, full of chinese herbs and armed to the teeth with a hankerin' to breathe that sweet west county air. The pedaling begins...

Doctor, T.M.M.S.M., Nicorn, and RoBORTion outside of the Storm's lovely Southside home.

The Vampire 100 heads westward along Midland Ave.

Self portrait whilst on Midland...look at Nicorn over the shoulder. He was very pleased to be a part of the 1st Vampire 100 of 2009, and for good reasons!

Doctor is currently trying to escape from RoBORTion who suddenly mistook Dr. for a young Puerto Rican school boy.

RoBORTion showing his "Thankles".....I bet under those tights we would find some dark meat!?! I can't believe I just wrote that.

Tropical Mulleted Midget Storm Mason & Doctor Gosciniski

What a "Predator" from How to catch a predator looks like....be warned!

Looking up a very dark Marshall Rd.

Feeling the burn, or taking a huge dump...you make the call.

Marshall Rd.

Post "Dump" face

Here comes the Sun!!!

Chasing the guys on Loughburrough Ave.

Carondelet Park

Nicorn showing how "Pro" his ass is while he prepares to make it rain from Lil' Nico all over Broadway.(Sorry RoBORT but this photo is G rated)

Robortion. WITNESS IT.

House in the Mississippi.


Nicorn self-portrait

Weapons of "Ass" Destruction

Sign on RFT, that we found to be funny...maybe the lack of sleep/100mi was setting in!?!

Doctor looking all kinds of EURO during our Victory lap on the Hill.

The Goods.

Wednesday 4/23/09: 8:30am..Four Soldiers arrive back at the Storm residence after what was agreed to be the best Nightime 100 to date. We immediately lit the grill, cracked some APA's, and proceeded to replenish all that was left on the many highways and byways of this great city of ours. In order to keep what little integrity the four of us have I will leave you with this image. 3:15pm I awake on my couch, Nico is asleep in the chair next to me, and Dr. was out cold on my back porch. 100mi, gallons of redbull, 2 dozen burritos, 12 brats, waffles, burgers, 27 APA's, chinaman herbs, and 1/2 of a lap of Mario cart(Nico fell asleep before completing his 1st lap), and last but not least Robort eats dark meat. Till next time.

-Mason Storm, feat. Nikorn


CockPuncher said...

Holy fuck shit ass fucking shit that looks like fun. Oh, I just rode for 1.5 hrs at rock bridge. Whoopeeee. Puncher

Doctor Goscinski said...

I like that Nico waited until we were in morning traffic to try the pro-pee. I guess it's not funny if no one sees it. TMMSM's entire bike looks like it would fit neatly inside the front triangle of the Univaga. Holy crap.

XTRDr. G or MC Stankles said...

Dark meat is best served at night

Casey Ryback said...

I'm pretty sure that you could fashion special mounts that would allow EACH of your mini bikes to attach to the Univaga's main triangle, and not interfere with pedaling in any way.

Truly an epic rep0rt! I want to do the next one, as long as it isn't on a day that I have to work next.

Dan Schmatz said...

In a word rad.. except the no helmet.

Chris Wurster said...

taking a dump

XTRDr. G or MC Stankles said...

I only rode helmetless for a mile, and only for the sake of looking as Euro Pro as possible.

Brian said...

What about the children?

Bloggers need to be role models...like me.