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Greetings rabid Team Seagal fan. I must apologize to you, for this year seems much more quiet than recent years. There have not been as many races (unless you're a road fanboi) due to an inordinate number of weather cancellations, AND the unfortunate lack of KC-area XC/endurance races from our jerks/buddies over at Heartland Race Promotions. Man, those Landahl races were the shiznit. We would be all over the upcoming KC Cup in September, to be held at the newly constructed Swopes Park, but that is the SAME weekend that we'll be riding the D9 Bulldozer! Nothing personal, just business; especially since all first-hand reports of Swopes to me have been fucking glowing. At least there's still Rapture in Misery. Oh mama! Things will pick up soon, as Short Track draws near, as do some of the endurance races of later in the season, and the CX series comes back this fall.

So until the next badass race report, fear not: we have something for your mind. One of our esteemed sponsors, Kona Bikes, is awesorme. Even moar cool is our man at Kona, Cory, who regularly keeps us rolling on this sickest bikes out there. He's even cooler than the Corey's - yes, THOSE Corey's. Well has a few things to talk about, as do a few other cats over there. Check out their site for random streams of consciousness and occasionally well-constructed thoughts:

The "COG":


While perusing those places, I suggest listening to Sepultura's album "Beneath the Remains" or "Arise." Holy shit, talk about some of the best shredding to come out of the '90s speed/thrash metal scene. The type that would make Jack Johnson's perfect beach life less "chillin'."

Pssst! Short Track soon...

-Casey F. Ryback

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