It's Here Folks!

The 2009 Team Seagal Non-race calendar is out.

First up this coming Sunday 7/19 is the 2nd Annual Chubb Challenge. Get some sticky rubber on your bike (this kind, not this kind) and come out and see who else has trouble cleanly clearing that section of trail that is your nemesis. Be humbled and amazed at what some of the riders can do, and see that line you never thought of.

Hang out on the trail with us for a few hours and have some fun. No high HRs, and snapped wrists only by request. Afterwards stick around for grilled food stuffs and some delicious PBR.

Start Time 12pm

Location West Tyson Upper parking lot

How Much?! FREE, but please feel free to donate $1 to help me cover our coveted spokecard cost.

. Disclaimer* All Non-Races are determined/governed/subject to the weather. We won't hold it if it's crappy and/or muddy. Dates subject to change, so pay attention.

Check out the back side of the schedule flyer for brief description of what a non-race is.

Stay tuned for reports of STL Team Seagal conquests from the Cheese State.


Dan said...

...and the fans go wild!

yo cfr, drop me an email: miller.climb@gmail.com

Drew said...

Sweet!!I should have enough time to make a batch of Jenkem by Sunday. Ill save it all for the BBQ

Matt Schweiker said...


I'm out of town.

Christian Stitz said...

Damn. Pretty sure I'll be in Columbia Sunday. I'll try to put down a JOBS while I'm there in observance.

Casey Ryback said...

It looks as though they used a photo of me on my crit bike for the Non-Race flyer.

Christian, offering a JOBS up to your stomach is definitely suitable to appease Energor, who is very displeased at your absence from the Chubb Challenge.

Matt, your last name should be changed to Jerker. Wait, that's gross.


Mason Storm said...

Who will the make it up the "Stairs" this year?! I will be out there a few times this week to make sure the course is in primo shape come Sunday!

Mitch the Masher said...

Back in my day we had our own Chubb Challenge. One would clip in to his or her pedals and then we would duct tape your feet to your pedals. You either rode it, or......

I was out there for the night ride last week. The stairs have changed!

I'll be there.

Casey Ryback said...

I would agree about Chubb - it was angry this morning, Nico and myself ventured out but our time was cut short due to an unfortunate late start. We turned around at the picnic table, after many hardships on the journey. Many large, loose rocks, and many deep roots.

I managed to hit the *first* tree and go over the bars as we were heading out.

Scott said...

I wish I could, but I dont think Im going to make this one.

Anonymous said...

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