"Streaks on the china, never mattered before, who cares." The Major One Shakedown. Sponsored by Team Trail Monster.

Greetings Team Seagal fan. Last Tuesday Nico and I found ourselves leaving Chinatown around 1:00 AM on a mission to ride our newly acquired Kona Major One SS CX bikes. We have each had them for about a month, but haven't had the opportunity to truly break them in. What was the plan you ask? We decided a night ride to Klondike Park would be the only way to really see what these bikes can do. We loaded up with lights, water, burritos, chinamen, and a full can of bugspray. Let me be the first to tell you that this ride couldn't of been possible without the extreme generosity and unbelievable showing of superior attittude from our good friends Team Trail Monster! They set us up with a campsite stocked with food, a cooler of ice cold beer, and Hennesey Hammocks both with some bedside reading material from Jim's private reserve! After rolling up Midland for about 1hr we hit the first major decent of the ride, Marine. We the rolled through Creve Coure Lake and over the Missouri River to The Katy Trail for the next 21mi or so. Upon arrival we had one last climb in our way of the campsite and cooler of ice cold relief. We crushed the climb that led into Klondike and quickly found ourselves drinking beers till the sun came up. We both made it into bed around 6am and awoke sometime around noon to the sound of TTM arriving to pack up camp....I don't think they thought we would still be there, but I was glad to see them and it was nice to give them props in person. After our breakfast APA's we headed back home in a race against the rain. Luckily we never got hit too bad and made it back to STL dry and just in time to watch the TDF. It was a great ride, and again thanks Jim and Wendy for hooking us up like you did! Truly amazing.

Major One's

Crossing the river

1st Katy Trail rest area.

Katy Trail video

Camp Trail Monster

"Calling all Chinamen, Calling all Chinamen"

Storm's Major One

Personalized campsites!

Where is my BEER!

Nico reading up on the fairer sex.

Little Trail Monster Sydney

Jim, Storm, and Nico before heading back home.

The Daniel Boone Judgement tree

Some Katy scenes

Crossing the river.

Thanks again to TTM for making the 1st Major One Shakedown a truly amazing ride and evening!


Mitch the Masher said...

Freak yes! I want to quit my job and do cool stuff like this. Not enough weekends.

Brian said...

Every member of Team Seagal may own a Major One, but have any of you ever administered anesthesia to a currently deceased, has-been pop-star?

How many members of Team Seagal have resigned their governerships within the last three months? I didn't think so.

It makes me question your relevance.

Just kidding! Super stuff!

I went through a stretch of unemployment a few years ago. I did some pretty fun stuff. I also drank a lot of whiskey, ended up in the emergency room because of it, and had a tendency to throw objects through the (closed) windows of my house. You probably already knew better, but it's not a good idea to quit your job any time soon.

Cocaine cannot kill your pain.

Energor can.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, judging by the pic with Nico and Jim, you were definitely glad to see TTM. Are you sure you were at Klondike and not Chub(b)?

Chris Wurster said...

you truly rule the road, we are not worthy

Team Trail Monster said...

Anything to assist the "Wrist-Snappers" and their new steed shakedowns.

Next time we will join the ride and bring some extra skeeter dope, fire starter,and more ice cold refreshments.

Forrest Taft said...

If TTM is there for the next one...COUNT ME IN!

Calling all chinamen!
Calling all chinamen!

Scott the Ninja Kid

Chris Wurster said...

Nico, Tropical Storm, I don't know how you come up with such craziness but it is truly inspirational to us all.