Middlefork August Ride

Greetings team seagal fan. Mason Storm here to tell the story of 4 soldiers deploid recently to the Ozark Trail with one mission...destroy Middlefork, and tons of Dos Primos.

In true Seagal fashion we stayed up super late the night before...till about 3:30am to be exact, and had numerous meetings with a certain Asian American gentlemen. Jim formerly of TTM was there before we had arrived and had hotel Hennessey ready for some serious slumber.

Notice the giant stick bug and Forrest Tafts sweet ass Unit 29!

Brian "Gun Show" Busken snapped Middleforks wrist and nearly all of ours with his Mad Skillz.

Storm and Taft...the brothers Hoff.

1/2 of TTM and now the latest addition to the Seagal family....Nice Work!

Me fixing 1 of 2 flats for the day, they were the only technicals to be had this day.

Summiting the final climb of the day in some fog. We got a few drops but the trail remained dry and fast with only a handful of downed trees. The worst part of the day had to be the thorns, or maybe the spider webs. All in all it was a great ride with great friends. Afterwards we made our way to Dos Primos where much food was destoryed, and the Dos Primos dip was top notch! Tall Oak this weekend.


Casey Ryback said...

truly an epic journey. for jerks.

Chris Wurster said...

what's up with the Preparation H seatpost?

CockPuncher said...

Fuck you mid-week-day-off JERKS!! Man I need to take some vacation time. This weather is amazing!

Doctor Jerk said...

You guys are jerks. Middlefork is awesome. Good to see the Gorcrilla in a Seagal Kit. Jerks

Mitch the Masher said...

Where was I? Oh yah, suckin up to the man!

Anonymous said...

Is that CP's old bike that "Gun Show" is sporting?

Team Trail Monster said...

Gotta love 3 day weekends. Special thanks to the Mrs. TTM for the hall pass to shred some Middlefork and a bottom bracket.

Screw the man take a day off!

Anonymous said...

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