PBR Me in STL 2!

Last night was AMAZING! Bands, DJ's, Live art, and PBR!!!! Seeing pics from all of Dave's work projected on the wall as the bands played was pretty sweet! There were pictures from Bars, shows, Non-Races, Rim Wrecker, and his other sponsored baseball team! It's nights like these that make you truly appreciate your sponsors and all the hard work our Rep Dave puts into his work and our team. Dave thank you for totally kicking ass the past 2 years, and I can't wait for PBR me in STL 3!!!!! Who's ready for Rim Wrecker Aug 15?!


Casey Ryback said...

I'm going to kick the fucking shit out of RIM.

DR said...

Burn that motherfucker down Coarch. I didn't get to see the PBR show, but everything Dave touches turns to Gold, and then Coach tries to steal it. Jerks