First ride for Casey and Gino - Crested Butte

Greetings from Colorado, Team Seagal Fans. There is much to be told, but I shall simply let the photos do the talking, as there is altogether too much going on here in Singlespeed World Championships to describe it all. These D9 people have it set up proper.

Much, MUCH more to come - D-dot, dog-love, and cow patties. We are soon to join forces with Dr. Wesley McLaren, and our good buddy Dan Miller, and you can expect to see the mountains become flatter. Btw, I have found a successor to my intestinal-gas throne, and it is of the canine species.

-Casey F. Ryback


Team Trail Monster said...

+1 to the first picture!

Bob Jenkins said...


ryan said...

you guys should find Bussman as well. he will be there. have fun out there fellas!



You all better watch out being on our turf. 401 looks to be in great shape.

I got a pool and a pond.... pond would be good for you.

Dont pee in the lake.

Chris Wurster said...

Rock the rockies and show them what wrist snapping is all about. Good luck and god's speed.