It's All Down To Today!

Greetings fellow riders! I don't have much time right now, as we are currently here at the hotel getting our shit together for the *BIG* race! I wanted to put some photos up from our ride yesterday, which somehow managed to equal the previous day for many reasons. We have not been short of descending on this trip, and have not been short of carnage either. Two days ago with T-tocs front wheel, and yesterday with the Good Doctor's hand.

Yesterday's ride had us starting out at nearly 11,000, then dropping STRAIGHT THE FUCK DOWN to about 7,000. At that point, we start climbing for 4 miles up this gnarly climb, and then started descending almost continually for till the end on what was one of the fastest, most absolutely *ripping* descents I've ever done. One of the few times I wish I had a 5-6" travel dual suspension with gears. Holy shit. It's rare that you can let it all go, no pedaling, no brakes, for miles.

Doctor decided to take a dip into a rocky creek by dismounting off the front of his bike, face first. He sliced his hand pretty well, and found help from another rider on the trail who applied some gauze. Doctor, employing his superior state of mind, continued on until another trail rider who is a REAL doctor, Darcey, stitched the fuck out of his hand, and offered us all Modelo's.

I don't have the time for a full, proper write-up, as shit needs to get started here. There are a shitload of photos from that ride, and I'm probably going to get them up when we get back.

Holy shit. 9 months of planning all funneling down to today!

-Casey F. Ryback

p.s. Bob, not the Dallas Cheerleaders, but the Bengal's Cheerleaders.


CockPuncher said...

Jerks, fucking jerks. All of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Jenkins said...

Looks like the Dr. will be servicing himself with the left hand for a while...