In lieu of Postponed Non-Race, Do a Workday

Greetings Team Seagal Loyalistas. Here at Team Seagal HQ, we put it to committee, and came to the conclusion that we are hoping that everyone is healing up well after last weekends' festivities down at the Council Bluff. We HAD this great idea planned out for this weekend at Klondike Park, the last mountain bike oriented Non-Race of the year. However, we must have improperly employed the yak semen, because the weather gods are not pleased. Hell, maybe it was something that someone did down at Burnin' that pissed them off - there is a lot of craziness that goes on there. Anyway, Klondike's trails have been closed for a while due to this shitty rain, so this one will have to be rescheduled. Stay tuned though, because this is a fun event, especially considering that Klondike is fun as shit.

Since you had most certainly already taken Saturday off, don't waste it! GORC could use your help in expanding the local trails. Check it out:

"GORC will be continuing the section of trail that was started last spring along the steep hillside at the North end of the park, heading out and around a peninsula, then exiting the woods opposite the playground area where the road splits into a 1-way loop. When the leaves drop this section will have scenic views of the lake and valley below.

When: Saturday, October 17 From 9am - 1pm (FREE LUNCH!) - Bike or Hike After !

Where: Upper Creve Coeur Lake Park (Entrance off Dorsett Rd - Follow signs to the meeting area at the North end of the park)
(See www.gorctrails.com/trails/mcrevecoeur.asp.com for directions and details of the park)

What to bring: Gloves, Sturdy shoes, eye protection, and something to drink on the trail.

GORC & St. Louis County Parks provide: Trail building tools, instructions on trail building, and safety guidelines

Please contact Sue Kuhnert at 314-615-8822 or email skuhnert@stlouisco.com if you plan to attend and post up here.

Volunteers will be rewarded with give-a-ways from Big Shark Bicycle Company and breakfast snacks and lunch are provided by St. Louis County Parks."

If you help build a trail, you have one more piece of ammo when complaining about equestrians by saying that they never help build trails "...like I do." Damn equestrians.

Don't fail at life like this guy:

By the way, let it be known that when referring to Council Bluff Lake, it is NOT to be pronounced or spelled "Council Bluffs." It is NOT a plural noun - it is singular! Only one lake. Council BLUFF. Too many people make this mistake, and if I'm going to have any kind of mission in life, it is to make this problem go away.

-Casey F. Ryback


Marc said...

"Fail" like that guy? Perhaps you didn't notice the multiple ribbons attached to him for WINNING!

Casey Ryback said...

Looking like that, and winning cat competitions, is like winning in the special Olympics.

Doctor said...

I think he won the ribbons for actually birthing the cat. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. I'd like to see you produce a cat from your loins.

Bob Jenkins said...

That's my dad. Where did you find that picture, he hasn't done any cat shows for years...since he's dead now.
And he was a great man, you jerks should be ashamed.

Of course I'm totally kidding.

Furby said...

Forgs! I saw you at the cross race on Sunday. You should have been up all night building trails on Saturday and sleeping in on Sunday.

Boob Jerkins totally had me convinced that he was serious until he said he was kidding.


Brian S said...

Thanks Team Seagal for the support at the Creve Coeur trailbuilding day. We appreciate the support and got a nice amount of quality trail built.

Bob Jenkins said...

Hey, any of you guys going to the BT Epic this weekend?