Great video from Most Un-Pleasant

The Professor begins his lecture on the topic of "How To Snap Wrists and Take Names During a Cyclocross Race, With Emphasis Towards Hill Climbing" around minute 2:30 (It gets tiring sprinting up and down a steep hill over and over again to support your teammate!)

Eat well this Thanksgiving!

-Casey f. Ryback


Doctor said...

Sweet video! Watching the prof pass the infamous Butthead on that hill twice was pretty amazors. Man I miss the STL cross scene.

Chris Wurster said...

The only thing pleasant in that whole video was the giant bottle of beer. Just watching that made me want to puke....ugly reminders of the one time I tried Cross and thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Robert Mayfield said...

The Professor is a fucking spectacle to watch race, that dude is all smiles and a fantastic bike rider. I made a go of that climb a few times, but I probably road it at about the 1/3 the speed he did. It was amazing in the final laps when he actually accelerated through the last half of it to drop butthead. I mean he just fucking attacked that thing. Watching it I felt like I was in Algebra class in high school, stoned, having my mind blown by some wicked-sick theorems.

"I just don't understand this, man"

Boob Jenkem said...

The Professor is clearly some sort of other-worldly being. My mind was blown every time he smashed that hill, it was simply amazing. The video doesn't even do it justice. I would've paid to see that shit.

Doctor said...

Is "Boob Jenkem" some sort of new Jenkem made from the cheese under man boobs? I think that might be more gross that regular jenkem. I bet it gets you really high.