Masson's Major One

Greetings Team Seagal fan. Mason here to tell you all about our team issue CX bike, the Kona Major One! We here at the Seagal HQ have had these mean machines for a while now, but seeing that we are knee deep in the CX season already it's time for an introduction. All of us here have the same Frame and Fork, but we have each built ours to our own taste and riding style. As for me my Major One is my everyday commuter as well as my weekend warrior, so it had to be really tough and on the lighter side. Please enjoy some sub par pics of this not so sub par CX killer.

54cm Kona Race light Scandium Frame, Kona carbon cx fork, King headset, FSA cockpit, Paul brakes, Cane Creek brake levers, Selle flite saddle, Velocity Dyad rims with Surly hubs F&R, Sram Force crankset w 38x17 gearing, and the only pedals you ever need to buy my circa 2000 Time ATACS!

This bike was a super limited production in 2009 never even made it online, and anyone who has one should consider themselves very lucky. I love the paint, but take a look at the 2010 Major One Here......that paint looks like a good match for a certain badass team I know very well...I hope I have room for another!

My idea of a happy cx bike is one that is still pretty dirty, but after 10/31 Bubba I had to give it some love. Still left some dirt on there so the major always feels at home.

I can't say enough great things about this bike, and so far it has crushed everything I have thrown at it. It has unreal tire clearance and this winter it will be fitted with some super wide 42c tires front and rear for those snowy winter commutes/rides, and then it is going to take a stab at the 2010 Dirty Kanza this spring! Stay tuned for the 2009 series final Non Race Klondike Klimb, Krash, and Kong reschedule date, and don't forget 2009 CXmas is 12/20/09.
See you at Bubba this Sunday!


Trail Monster said...

I must say my Mahjor is much hotter and very pure as it came as a complete setup from our fine friends at KONA!
Mahjor and I do not shred the front lines in the cx races as it is much prefered to ride a slower pace and enjoy all of the free PBR handups!

Doctor said...

Damn those bikes are sexy. I need to get one of those 2010's while they are still up for grabs. Anyone know if they have any 61cm frames left?

Marc said...

I frankly can't believe just how fun my Major Jake is. It is ridiculous.
Horfmoryor, yours looks perfect for ya.
Dr., last I heard, the 2010's weren't being released until mid November. But you better get on it cause their gonna go quick!

Dan said...

Word, sick post storm. Marc, completely agree. I can't believe how much fun that bike is. I'm still tweeking mine a bit but totally diggin the frame.

Martin Lang said...

yo front brake looks like hell

Chris Wurster said...

Looks like Kona consulted with HQ before the release of the 2010 model, the matching rims make that a Major Mack Daddy ride.