It Wouldn't Be CXmas without Santa Claus

You better be a good boy and/or girl, otherwise Satan Claus (pictured here) won't give you want you want for CXmas.

That being said, the infamous, crazy, 'roided-out, cursing CX-race psycho biatch isn't invited. Unless she goes on a strict usage regimen on this.

Bring warm clothing, maybe some warm food, and a Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind. We'll be marking the course on friday, so you *shouldn't* have to worry about wandering around in the middle of St. Charles.

-Casey F. Ryback


Chris Wurster said...

Highly recommended for this event is the NECS approved flask cage to ensure you favorite high octane beverage is always within reach on the bike.

Doctor said...

Also recommended:

Shoe covers
two pairs of socks
two pairs of tights
two base layers
a warm fuzzy Team Seagal jacket
Superior Attitude
Superior State of Mind

Add these ingredients to temps in the 5 degree range, stir in a bunch of jerks with a heaping spoonful of PBR. Serve and Enjoy


Chris Wurster said...

While distance and injury will keep me from making such a world class event I will make sure the Chinaman and I are attacking the PBRs in honor of the gladiators doing battle.