Old Timey Cross Nat's

Well, I guess the '70s aren't really "Old Timey," but they ain't new. I doubt that anyone competing in CX at that time is still doing it... Keep in mind that this is before the concept of mountain biking had gotten anywhere past Mt. Tam and Repack Hill. Anyone complaining these days about the Bubba courses being to "mountain bikey" needs to see this truth bomb:

By the way, take note of who was the 5th place senior man... (results at 9:45)

Also, huge congratulations to Alex Grman and Martin Lang for taking 4th and 27th in the Under-29 Group B Race! Way to represent STL!

-Casey F. Ryback, Regular Guy

P.S. CXMAS.......


Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

HOLY SHIT! That video is GENIUS!

I can't wait till the youngins from this year's cx season keep stepping up their game. Next year's going to be sick.

Brian said...

No wonder Gary Fisher invented the mountain bike. (I'm being facetious).

I took up the gay ten speeding habit in 1989. It's amazing how similar things are after all these years. Any young stud could jump in a time machine today and Eddy Mercx would beat the ever loving shit out of him instead of Contador or Armstrong. Great cyclists all ride alike.

Robert said...

woah 4th! Grrr slayed!

The bubba courses arent technical enough.

Bob Jenkins said...

Hey doodz, Don't forget to sign up for Ouachita!!! Registration opens at 2:15 am on Monday.