Greetings. While wasting time trying to find any Olympic events on TV that *aren't* skiing or ice skating, ("ice-dancing" is on right now...) I've been getting super pumped to go ride some big fucking hills this Sunday. I've been out on some sneaky recon rides out within that perimeter, and let me tell you, they are still really hard. Having seen the bridge that is sort-of out on Hardt Road, I think that we'll probably skip that little jaunt over to and up Dehart Farms. We could probably walk the bridge, but who wants to walk when you can ride. I can't say that I'm too heartbroken over that one, as we'll all be either at the entrance to, or deep within the pain cave by then.

If you haven't ridden out in this area before, and are wondering whether you should run gears or SS, just know that there are several hills that go above 20% and in some cases approach or exceed 25%. That's pretty steep. Like ballpark-beer prices steep. That being said, 2 crazy jibroneys went singlespeed last year. One was even on his flipping mountain bike.

*Edit* Please note that this is not a supported ride in any way shape or form.

Now for our quiz of the... week. Extra points if you can identify this "celebrity" from the great Stonecutters Song on The Simpsons:

Second question: What hilarious line does Moe say in this scene?

So until this Sunday... make sure your derailleur's lower limit screws are set properly.

-Casey F. Ryback


Nico Toscani said...

Sgt. Mahoney? I got a $20 bet with Commendant Lassard that is none other than Steve Gutenberg. Biatch.

Marc said...

Oh, it's Steve Gutenberg all right.

Doctor said...

Johnny 5 is ALIVE!!!!! Bitch.

Casey Ryback said...

No Disassemble!

HansMoleman said...

Alright everyone tuck your pants into your socks

C-Dubs said...

Does the last rider to the top of the steepest grade have to huff a ballon full of jenkem?

Martin Lang said...

franks is the hardest hill in stl. if you aren't training on franks you aren't anybody.