2010 Non-Race #1 Middle Fork XC

Greetings Jerks and Jerkets. Mason Storm here to tell you about the first Non Race of 2010. First up on this years Non-Race calendar will be another first ever. The Middlefork XC race will take place sometime in May, and it is only open to the first 50 to register. Register you say, but I thought Non Races are free?! They are, but this one is special so in order to get all the info(The Where, When, Why, and WTF!) You must mail me a postcard containing your info, and if you are one of the lucky 50 you will recieve all the race info in your mail shortly after. Let me just say that the the order I recieve your registration will determine how and where you start this race, so what are you waiting for...send that shit! This race will have 3 cats. Men Open, Women Open, and SS Open. It will be 33mi mix of singletrack and country road. It will be one large loop, and expect finishing times to be roughly in the 3-5hr range. I will send all entrants there race #'s and information on April 1st, so you have to get me your info by Monday, March 29. Send yout postcards to...

Mason Storm
5912 Southwest Ave.
St. Louis MO 63139

Postcards must contain this info.

CAT(M,F,or SS)
RETURN ADDRESS(otherwise I can't send you the race info?!you dig?)

Just in case you have never ridden Middlefork here is a video from our friends over at the DRJ camp from yesterdays ride.

MiddleFork from bob arnold on Vimeo.

I will post the other 2010 Non Race dates later this week, but just FYI you will see #1 Middlefork XC, #2 3rd Annual Chubb Challenge, #3 Vampire 100(1st Road Non-Race!), and of course #4 2010 CXmas in the upcoming calendar.
That is all for now, good luck.


Brian said...

Now that I have your address, I'm going to drive by your house and toss crap in your yard.

Mason Storm said...

Some things never change, but you don't want me to catch your ass doing that shit again. Plus I know where you live too.

Mason Storm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
papa frito said...

i cant wait to pee on your lawn. i will bring forties.

Casey Ryback said...

Furby, don't put too much crap in his lawn, because I live close enough that the stench might waft down and stink up my yard.

Brian said...

I don't think you would complain if I was planting Chinese herbs on your lawn.

If you're going to throw any bricks through my windows, make sure they have hundred dollar bills taped to them...or at least the latest issue of Playboy.

I thought you lived in Creve Coeur, Ryback. I guess I haven't been keeping up on the trials and tribulations of your plight.

The non-race sounds pretty kick-ass. I'm sure I could make some time to come down and help out. This is by far the best venue you have chosen for one of your non-races.

trail bling said...

i am going to show up and dominate no matter what, so you might as well just tell me the date now so i can add it to my domination calendar.

Todd Holtmann said...

Holy schnikies!

Do we get bonus points for most creative or x-rated postcards?!!?

TeamSeagal said...

Tordd Holtmorn, I want to see an X-Rated postcard from you. Seriously. We'll get you preferred parking in that lot.

BTW everyone, shit's filling up fast - act now!

-Casey F. Ryback

Todd Holtmann said...

Ok, mines in the mail, but due to time crunch I'll most likely disappoint. I didn't know there was a parking spot on the line!!!

any penalties for sending in 2?

Casey Ryback said...

Anonymous, thank you very much for your accolades - we think the blog is pretty great too.

And Todd, be there or be L7.

Scott said...

My info is in the mail. Hope its not too late.

Anonymous said...

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