Team Seagal Arizona Try-outs Next Saturday 3/13!

Holy shit, and good day people. The author today is Nico Toscani and I am a tremendous jerk. Last time I took vacation was in September 2009, the location was Durango, CO. Several soldiers from our battalion participated, we had a friggin' amazorz time. Here are some behind-the-scenes, un-published photos of my last vacation:

Pretty cool trip, right? Since we have now visited times past with great joy, let us please focus forward on the future. Fortunately, for the author, it is vacation time whonce again. I spoke to my Dr. Friend in late January, he relocated to Prescott, AZ last summer. A most excellent town, Prescott is also home to home Whiskey Off-Road and Doc's new TC-MAN. Dr. is a rapscallion, it was very nice to speak with him. We first reminisced about times past and great joy ensued. Next, our good Dr. friend became serious. He spoke of a recent dream. Energor, he said, had appeared to him in a foggy haze of Zambian B.H...

"Doktor," Energor beckoned, "Team Seagal Arizorna is awesorme. You are supreme leador of Team Seagal AZ. You need some forllowers, though, Doktor." Energor paused and then reached out his hand. Doctor passed him a balloon and Energor smiled. Soon after, Energor began to speak again.

"Seek out the event that will flush free the most sand from the under-carriages of your followers." Energor drew deeply from the balloon. "Doktor, never fear. The reading on the Park VGS-12 shall confirm."

Wow. Doctor then revealed to me the chosen event and its location, taking place deep within the Coconino National Forest. I was moved by Dr.'s nice tale of foggy dreams. It was an easy decision to accept his invitation, I arrive in Prescott next Tuesday 3/9/10. Race is Saturday 3/13.

My 2008 Kona Kula Supreme 29 has been retired, what a great frame that was. I have a 2010, poo-brown colored Kona Big Unit 29 on order to replace it but the finished frames have not arrived yet to our country. No big deal though, I just got this:

In review, let me assure you that I am a tremendous jerk. Stay tuned for continuous updates as vacation unfolds, I really hope I make the team. PEACE!

-Nico Toscani

*THIS JUST IN: Doktor has had an unfortunate run-in with a sink-hole! Early reports indicate that Dr. got served while shredding trail in San Jose on a $8,000 Specialized S-Works. He will be Ok but was temporarily KO'ed! Dr. will be playing a support role during his team try-outs next Saturday. Gooooo Dr!


C-Dubs said...

Nico, the NECS is still heading out 3/18 for the 4 day NECS Chinaman Non Race series. Bike and Bean will be the starting spot and perhaps we can get the doctor to show and clean bikes for us.

Casey Ryback said...

Holy fucking shit. The waves of euphoria that are sweeping over me are bordering on the overwhelming. I hope that Nicward is successful with the Team Seagal AZ tryouts, but I am not too worried because I know that one of the major requirements is a high-jerk-content. And as we all know, Jerkward is very jerky.

C-Dubs said...


There is a semi crisis at the NECS! All mini Seagals have bailed on course and are hiding in the deep cacti of Baja and Moab. How can I score a couple?